Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center. Delight your customers with in-app customer support


With Shop2app+Gorgias integration, when customers contact a merchant from their mobile app, a ticket gets generated in their Gorgias account. Customers are also able to initiate a support ticket directly from their past orders.

  1. This demonstrates how customers can contact customer support directly from their order history.

  1. Access to Customer Support is one tap away.

Setup Gorgias on Shop2app

 Get API information from Gorgias

  1. Open https://<YOUR_GORGIAS_URL>/app/settings/api and click on Create API Key
  1. Copy the Base API, Username and Password.

Enter Gorgias Information in Shop2app

  1. Open Integration Tab on Shop2app
  1. Enter the Username, API key and Base URL as copied from Gorgias Settings

For any questions about the using Gorgias on Mobile app, please reach out to help@shop2app.com

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