Yotpo is an e-Commerce marketing platform with the most advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing.

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About Yotpo

Yotpo motivates customers with rewards and turns them into brand advocates.

Using Yotpo in a Mobile App

Yotpo's Loyalty & Rewards Program allows your customers to accumulate reward points every time they buy something, suggest you to a friend, leave a review, or become a VIP. Yotpo and Shop2app allow you to create highly customizable rewards and referral programmes that are tailored to the goals of your mobile app.

  • Improve your customer interactions and increase your lifetime customer value.
  • A simple setup that allows you to launch your rewards program in minutes.
  • A no-code alternative for creating a professional rewards program using a simple drag-and-drop template that does not need programming or modification.