Smile powers reward programs for 15,000 merchants across the globe by rewarding your customers for completing profitable actions.

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About Smile

Smile creates a robust loyalty program that is tailored for Shopify mobile apps to increase sales and customer retention for your brand.

Why do you need Smile Rewards on your mobile app?

This powerful integration will increase repeat customers by allowing your high-spending customers to earn and redeem incentives through customized VIP programs. You can additionally leverage the app to spread the word about your business by taking advantage of the customer referral programs.

Using Shop2app with Smile
  • Let customers earn points for purchases made through your mobile app.
  • Encourage your buyers to share their experiences and earn points.
  • Enhance your brand's purchasing experience by providing VIP statuses that make buyers feel like they are part of an exclusive group.
  • Provide your customers with more exclusive benefits as they shop within the app.

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