Mixpanel analytics tool allows businesses to track user behavior on their website or app. The Mixpanel App provides integration between Mixpanel and Shopify, enabling merchants to track and analyze user activity on their Shopify store.

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Why do you need Mixpanel on your mobile app?

Mixpanel tracks visitors from the first visit all the way to the point of purchase. Merchants can use the data to optimize their store's performance, improve the user experience, and increase sales.

Using Shop2app with Mixpanel-

  • Event tracking: The app automatically tracks a variety of events related to user activity, such as product views, add-to-cart events, checkouts, and purchases.
  • Custom events: Merchants can also create custom events to track specific user actions, such as clicking on a particular button or scrolling to a specific section of the page.
  • Funnel analysis: The app provides a funnel analysis tool that allows merchants to see how users move through the purchase process and identify areas where users drop off.
  • Cohort analysis: Merchants can use cohort analysis to track how different groups of users behave over time, enabling them to identify trends and patterns in user behavior.
  • Segmentation: The app allows merchants to segment users based on a variety of criteria, such as geographic location or purchase history, making it easier to target specific groups with personalized marketing campaigns.