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Get a grocery store app for your business unlike anything else you’ve seen before!

Time to supercharge your business with a grocery Shopify app that puts your clients in control of their grocery needs. Shop2app is the best app for grocery store sales and grocery shopping delivery!

Grocery Shopify App

Welcome the new way of selling groceries with a modern day grocery store app customized for your business.

Shop2app is trusted by hundreds of other grocery shopify businesses like you!

App For Grocery Shopping Delivery

Your customers deserve a simple yet modern grocery store app!

Make your customers your most loyal brand ambasaddors with a grocery shopping app experience completely unmatched for.

Push notifications in a go!

Send 10s of different kinds of push notifications straight to your client’s mobile screens exactly when it matters the most. Fresh produce, weekly deals, daily discounts, everything is possible with Shop2app!

Reward true clients for true loyalty!

Rewards clients with discounts for simple actions such as making a purchase, creating an account, referring a friend, social sharing and much more!

Showcase content that really stands out.

Showcase your latest recipes on the app and entertain clients with your best blogs. You can promote the brands you want and drive more purchases.

Setup product subscriptions in minutes.

Let clients subscribe to a product so it automatically gets ordered every month. Give them the option of pausing the subscription or skipping a month instead of cancelling it permanently.

App For Grocery Sales

Huge corporations are investing millions in building easy to use grocery store apps!

We will build an app for your grocery store - faster, cheaper and better!

Supercharge your business with WhatsApp!

Clients can copy their entire Shopify cart to a WhatsApp chat with your store’s business account. From there you can chat with the clients very easily and close the deal on WhatsApp itself.

Extremely fast shopping experience via app.

An extremely fast app experience with saved user accounts ensures that your clients can shop fast using Apple Pay, G-Pay, Shop Pay & Pay Pal. That way you can sell fast and earn fast.


Integrated with the
industry-best tools that
you already know and love!

Shop2app mobile app platform integrates with most popular partners. Can't see what you want? Just drop a hello, and we'll help!

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