Mobile app for your Bakery

Time to supercharge your shopify bakery business with a great mobile app for bakery orders, delivery, and so much more! Get repeat business on autopilot and boost metrics like order frequency and lifetime value.

Get a Mobile App For Your Bakery

Let your customers order directly from your mobile app

Increase Repeat Ordering

Fast Shopping

Let your customers experience a fast checkout with saved user accounts

Push Notifications

Announce your daily and weekly deals via Shop2app's Push Notifications

Store pickup and delivery get easier than ever!

Simplify shopping with a date and time picker and a zip code validator for scheduling a delivery.

Showcase content that really stands out.

Keep your customers engaged with your brand by sending them make-at-home recipes

Set up product subscriptions in minutes.

Let clients subscribe to a product so it automatically gets ordered every month. Give them the option of pausing, skipping, or delaying instead of canceling it permanently.

Make your clients discover your products in a breeze.

Showcase large menus without any hassle. Help your customers navigate from large categories to individual products with a simple, 3 step categorization.

Supercharge your business with WhatsApp!

Clients can copy their entire Shopify cart to a WhatsApp chat with your store’s business account. From there, you can chat with the customers and close the deal on WhatsApp itself.

Huge corporations are investing millions in building easy to use bakery business apps!

We will build the best app for your bakery business - faster, cheaper, and better!

Welcome the new way of selling delicious baked goods- your own app

Shop2app is trusted by hundreds of bakery businesses like yours.

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